Automating the cleaning of onboard delicing unit

Published in IntraFish Media 7 November 2018

Mekon, Lilleborg and System Cleaners have jointly developed a new customised cleaning system for on-board delicing units applied in the fish processing industry.

The automatic system is installed to safeguard the fish against infections, simplify the cleaning and reduce the cleaning costs, according to a press release by Mekon.

Mekon, Lilleborg and System Cleaners, jointly developed the solution installed on board the wellboat Ronja Ocean, owned by Oppdretternes Miljøservice AS in Norway. Integration of the solution on the boat has been a joint effort as well.

With a single press of a button, 62 rotating nozzles rinse, apply foam and disinfect the mechanical delicing unit on board Ronja Ocean.

“Now we don’t have to enter the delicing tank dressed in boiler suit and water proofs, and the cleaning time has been significantly reduced. The working day is simpler, we have time for other tasks and the delicing unit is ready for the next batch of fish faster than before,” the seamen on Ronja Ocean Tellef T. Elverum and André Balstad state. 

The cleaning solution consists of 62 rotating nozzles performing the tasks of rinsing, foaming and disinfecting. The nozzles are placed in strategic places to ensure complete coverage of the entire tank. A powerful booster station (BS30), two chemical pump stations (KPV150) and two automatic satellites (AS400) supply the nozzle system with pressurised water and chemicals. A programmable PLC (CV18 3P) controls the cleaning program. 

Customised solutions as the one on Ronja Ocean is one of the strengths of working with System Cleaners. The wide range of products in the portfolio can be combined and customised to match the requirements of any piece of processing equipment, and requests for non-standard solutions are at the core of our business.

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