Extensive activity at our Academy

March 2016

We aim to educate as many of our distributors as possible on a regular basis, in order for them to be up-to date on our latest products and solutions. On that note January and February 2016 have been very busy months, and our academy has been visited by distributors from Georgia, Germany, Holland, Austria and also Denmark.

We experience a growing need and desire for these training seminars and we really value this interest. This confirms that our training concept is valued and appreciated amongst our many partners and that our partners are motivated to get even more acquainted with our company, products and solutions.

We offer general seminars on products and solutions, but we are always ready to organize customized seminars for your company, if you have specific needs. We also plan to conduct Automatic Cleaning seminars in the near future, so please let us know, if this is of interest. Our Key Account Managers are ready to answer any questions you might have in relation to this.



On this picture you can see our entire sales support team (Lene Imer, Lone Eriksen and Lisbeth Andersen) attending a training seminar.

We often urge our own employees to participate on these seminars in order for them to socialize with the distributors, but also to boost competences internally. This enables them to support our distributors even better.