September 2018

Fish processing and farming: Fostering security for Faroese customers

System Cleaners manufactures professional cleaning solutions for the food and beverage industry, including solutions for fish farming and fish processing facilities and equipment. 10 years of sales to a range of fish processing plants on the Faroe Islands have taught Thomas Espensen, sales and service technician at System Cleaners, that fostering security for the Faroese customers through a solid cooperation with a local distributor is essential to do business there.

“The Faroe Islands is often an overlooked market in terms of fish farming and processing because it is a fairly small country with a limited number of inhabitants. But if you are successful in cultivating your Faroese customers, the market potential is big,” says Thomas Espensen.

Understand your role in the interactions with the customer

Thomas Espensen discovered the potential when he identified and visited a range of fish factories in the Faroe Islands together with the local distributor. The majority of these factories are now System Cleaners’ customers.

“The Faroese buy security. It is my experience that it is vital to establish a cooperation with a local distributor or partner. Otherwise, you will not be able to enter the market,” he explains and continues:

“In doing this, it is important to agree on the distribution of roles. The distributor, whom the customer knows and trusts, is in charge of the selling and then you should support with additional technical knowledge of the products.”

If you want to know more about Thomas Espensen’s experiences with the Faroe Islands or share your experience with him, you can contact him on Linkedin.