Food safety in the Middle East keeps Aalborg-based company busy

An ever-more-professional food industry in the Middle East is opening new doors for Aalborg-based company, System Cleaners

For customers to experience stomach upsets is a very poor advertisement for any food company; that’s something that System Cleaners, which manufactures cleaning systems and is based in Aalborg, Denmark, knows all about! The company has been experiencing increasing demand from food producers in Asia and the Middle East, all wanting a high-quality food.

- Food is being produced on an ever-increasing scale all over the world and is constantly moved across national borders. That’s why hygiene must be of a high standard, and in this field that we are global specialists, explains Niels Peter Clausen, Managing Director of System Cleaners

The company exports to 75 countries, and is currently experiencing a high level of activity in the Middle East in particular.

- There is a great deal of poultry production in the Middle East and the trend is for larger facilities to be built in a more professional way, explains Niels Peter Clausen, who has just returned home from Saudi Arabia, where he was visiting a large poultry production facility.

Food safety is moving up the list
When new abattoirs are built or food companies are founded, it is rare for cleaning to be given especially high priority in planning.

- The focus is on buying new machines that can get the job done faster or more efficiently; cleaning comes much further down the list, acknowledges Niels Peter Clausen.

But it is precisely this that is starting to change, as foodstuffs become global commodities and are often moved across national borders.

- There are many companies that sell cleaning equipment. What makes us special, and what has made us successful, is that we think in terms of solutions that provide the best possible cleaning performance, but that also rank highly as far as operation and durability are concerned, believes Niels Peter Clausen.

In terms of support for this belief, you need look no further than the company’s approaching anniversary in September, when System Cleaners will celebrate 25 years of developing and manufacturing cleaning systems in Aalborg.

Facts about System Cleaners
System Cleaners manufactures professional cleaning systems for food companies all over the world. The company exports to 75 countries through distributors and these exports account for more than 90 per cent of sales from production. The company celebrates its 25th anniversary at the end of September.