Cleaning and disinfection are central elements in the current research of Danish Meat Research Institute (DMRI), the international leading research and innovation centre within food of animal origin.


Good production hygiene and correct cleaning are the basis of products with high food safety and optimal shelf life. Therefore, it is essential that the food companies are focused on keeping their production facilities clean and orderly during production. Furthermore, focus must also be aimed at a correct and proper cleaning of surfaces and hidden areas during the cleaning process. It is very important not to leave any residues of organic material on the equipment as this can form the basis of bacterial growth. Such pools of bacteria may contaminate the products with pathogenic bacteria or spoilage bacteria during the following production cycle.


Some may consider cleaning as a necessary evil. Poor hygiene may however result in customer complaints, a bad reputation, loss of orders and at worst, food poisoning. Thus, it is extremely important that all employees understand the meaning of hygienic production and contribute to securing the hygienic conditions in the company.


There is a trend towards increasing demands for longer shelf life, and at the same time many companies wish to sell their products on the global market. This places high demands on the production hygiene in which a variation in the bacterial load of < 1 cfu/g or 100-1000 cfu/g may result in differences of weeks in shelf life of the product. In a recent research project, we have shown that the shelf life of heat-treated meat products stored at 5°C could be increased to approx. 60 days from the initial expected shelf life of 30 days once the initial bacterial load was reduced.


The demands for cleaning and disinfection are high. It must be fast and efficient, must remove product residues, reduce bacterial load and leave no wet areas, steam or moisture in the production areas and on equipment. Furthermore, preferably harsh chemistry damaging the production equipment must be avoided.


So why does such an important working area bring so little prestige? Because we let others do the job! There are only few research and development projects within this area, it is difficult to recruit young people to the area and in many people’s opinion, a cleaning job has low status. We all need a change of attitude!


Cleaning and disinfection are central elements towards success, as we wish to combine long shelf life of the products with the addition of almost no preservation, and at the same time increase production hours and the use of production equipment.


Research, expertise and know-how


At DMRI we do research and development to enhance the food safety and shelf life. We investigate new solutions developed by DMRI or Danish companies who in some way or another have the expertise and know-how that, when combined with high-quality products, can put your company in the position of being able to minimize the bacterial load to an absolute minimum.


Danish Meat Research Institute (DMRI) is a sub-division of Danish Technological Institute. Besides research and development, DMRI provides domestic and international consultancy and training within process design, productivity improvement, product quality and hygiene to abattoirs and processing companies. 

Teaming up for IFFA

System Cleaners, Cotes, BLÜCHER, NTF-Aalborg and Brüel Systems have teamed up with DMRI to promote innovative solutions for achieving a high level of hygiene in your food production. At IFFA Forum, DMRI will be giving a presentation on the topic on Tuesday 7 May at 16.05. Representatives from all involved companies will be there to hand out brochures and vouchers for anyone interested in optimizing hygiene, increasing product shelf-life and boosting brand value. Exchange the voucher at one of our stands in hall 9.1 and let us have a chat about how we can assist you in your efforts to optimize your cleaning solution.

We hope to see you there!