Simple, robust and reliable

- not just empty words

In a typical working day at a poultry slaughterhouse, it has to be easy and quick to keep all surfaces clean and hygienic. System Cleaners’ systems are designed so that they are logical and easy to connect, operate and service. The systems are ideal for busy slaughterhouses. All cleaners/operators are therefore able, to work intuitively and systematically with the systems after a brief introduction. This way all surfaces are not only visually clean, but also bacteriologically clean.

Production Facilities are often busy environments. Cleaning systems and equipment are therefore often treated roughly. Fortunately, they can tolerate it. System Cleaners’ cleaning systems and tools are designed and manufactured to be used by people. They must be able to withstand extremely rough handling. Day in and day out. In the harshest environments. Only the best and strongest materials and components can become part of our systems and solutions.

We know that our customers impose strict demands for cleaning and hygiene. Optimal operation is essential for enhancing competitiveness. A cleaning system must therefore functions 100% reliably during the time allotted between each production cycle. All systems from System Cleaners are produced from components of the absolute highest quality so they can withstand repeated temperature changes in a tough environment. System Cleaners only uses top quality materials in the production of our systems. E.g. stainless steel for chemical injectors, not brass or plastic. We stress test and long term test all our products in our own test environments, making sure we achieve good and consistent quality.