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Enabling you to trust what you eat and drink

System Cleaners is the global leading manufacturer of open plant cleaning solutions with more than three decades of experience in assisting all segments of the food and beverage industry in achieving a high level of hygiene and food safety. 

Hygiene and food safety have always been a focal point in the food and beverage industry but are gaining more and more attention with the increased consumer demands for safe food. People are literally becoming more conscious about what they eat and drink.

Also, the concern for foodborne illnesses stemming from the processing line has led food and beverage manufacturers, as well as national authorities, to implement strict protocols for their entire operation, including cleaning and sanitation.

In recent years, the focus on climate change and sustainability has resulted in an increasing awareness of operational consumables such as water, electricity, and chemicals. 

Processors are looking for the optimal cleaning system both for the sake of the environment, their bottom line, and their brand value. Sustainability, optimizing production and profits, and avoiding the costs and brand damage of a recall are key concerns of the food or beverage processor. 

Additionally, workplace health and safety regulation are becoming stricter, forcing processors to implement cleaning procedures that take into consideration the working environment for cleaning operators. The working conditions for a cleaner are harsh, and consequently the job is not much-coveted even though its implications are essential in processing safe food and beverages. This may also affect the ability of processors to retain their cleaning staff as well as engage new and qualified operators.

How can we help?

We've been safeguarding food and beverage brands all over the world for more than three decades. Listening to our customers and providing them with cleaning solutions that match the requirements and hygiene levels of the processing facility is the way we do business. Understanding what challenges each customer faces is the basis of being able to assist with the optimal solution.

Our automated and manual cleaning systems can be applied in all segments of the food and beverage industry for process equipment and open plant cleaning.

Whether you have hygiene issues, labour retention issues, lack of production time due to prolonged cleaning time, problems with your current cleaning system, or other challenges related to your cleaning system, we have extensive experience in optimizing the process.

Our in-house Solution & Development department has extensive expertise in designing customized cleaning solutions that provide the optimal cleaning result for processing plants.

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Our production

Sustainability, optimization, and employee satisfaction are primary focus points in our production. Using renewable energy and recyclable materials, we strive to make as little impact on the environment as possible.

Our distributors

We have an extensive network of dedicated distributors and partners in more than 100 locations worldwide. They understand the need to be able to deliver optimal solutions, service and support experiences to our customers.

Our technology

Low-pressure technology is the optimal technology for open plant cleaning. Water jet impact, water flow, and impact area enable faster and better cleaning, and the technology fosters a better work environment.

Our service

Regular service of your cleaning system is important for the long-term operation and service life of the equipment. Get in touch with us if you experience issues or if you want to arrange for a preventative service visit.


Our cleaning systems are implemented in all segments of the food and beverage industry. Poultry processing, dairy, onshore and offshore fish processing, and sausages. These are just a few of the projects we have done over the years.

Cleaners Academy

Every year we arrange training sessions for distributors, partners and end-customers. The theory and practical training is conducted by our experienced engineers, sales managers and service technicians.

Our values

We aim to make a difference to the people closest to us by being a great place to work where diversity can thrive, and also to make a difference to consumers by enabling processors to produce safe food and beverages.

Our history

We have evolved from one man driving around Europe with a demo kit in the back of the van to having sales offices in Vietnam and USA and distributors in more than 100 countries worldwide.


Our employees are our greatest assets, we put a great deal of effort into keeping a high level of employee satisfaction. Check out this section to see if we have any job openings. Maybe you want to be a part of our great company?

This is who we are

An integral part of producing safe food is having the right cleaning system to make sure that the level of hygiene complies with internal as well as external regulations.

Our cleaning systems are essential to the level of food safety and hygiene in the food and beverage industry. That’s why we take pride in manufacturing high-quality equipment that can sustain a harsh processing environment and deliver the best cleaning result.

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