Automated cleaning applications

Creating customised open plant cleaning solutions is at the core of our business

If you have a challenge in your food or beverage processing plant on a specific piece of processing equipment, our skilled team of engineers and solution architects can help you create a cleaning solution that matches that equipment, making sure that ‘the dark spots’ are cleaned and the level of hygiene and food safety is maintained.

Creating customised open plant cleaning solutions is one of our core strengths. If you have a problem with getting a specific piece of equipment cleaned properly, we are ready to assist you in finding the right solution for the task at hand. We never compromise on quality - and we don't think you should either.

External filler cleaning EFC

Integrating automated cleaning on your filler ensures a consistent and high-quality cleaning result every time.

This is achieved by designing the solution to match the filler 100%. The filling process is mapped out, critical zones are identified, nozzle bars are placed to cover all surfaces, and the cleaning program is segmented to ensure that all areas on the filler are cleaned properly.

Spiral freezer cleaning

There is a wide range of spiral freezers on the market with different dimensions and applying different freezing technologies.

An automated cleaning solution for your spiral freezer is customized to take into account e.g., the drum rotation time, dwell time, width and length of the conveyor belt. The result is reduced cleaning time, improved food safety and reduction in labour costs.

Conveyor belt cleaning

It is difficult to clean a conveyor belt manually as it has the many inaccessible areas. Consequently, the result is inconsistent and the belt becomes a potential food safety hazard.

With an automated cleaning solution, all surfaces – including the hard-to-reach areas internally on the belt – are covered by strategically placed nozzle bars ensuring an effective, systematic, and consistent cleaning result every time.

Spin chiller cleaning

The spin chiller is a key piece of processing equipment in the poultry processing industry. Having the right cleaning solution is essential in preventing cross-contamination.

An automated solution offers consistent and effective cleaning, improved levels of food safety and hygiene, and reduced cleaning times. Moreover, labor requirements are reduced and safety levels are increased.

Cleaning of poultry line

Hooks, carriers and shackles on a poultry line can be difficult to get clean, and organic soil gets stuck in every recess on the equipment. Manual cleaning relies heavily on the thoroughness of the cleaning staff and residues are often overlooked. 

With an automated cleaning system, nozzle systems are placed at angles adjusted to enable cleaning of every groove.

Cleaning of deboning machine

The need for maximizing yield and production time as boneless poultry products are becoming increasingly popular has resulted in the application of automated deboners, and the same goes for cleaning the equipment.

Automated cleaning of your deboning machine not only ensures a consistent cleaning result every time, more importantly it reduces cleaning time and labour requirements.

Tank cleaning

The use of tanks for storage and processing in the food and beverage industry is extraordinary. There are numerous applications and consequently, the requirements for cleaning differ from one to another.

We offer a range of automated cleaning solutions for tanks. Whatever solution you choose, it will be tailored to match the challenges of the cleaning task at hand.

Cleaning of poultry eviscerator

The degree of automation in the poultry processing industry has increased rapidly. Yield is maximized through higher line speed, better processing equipment and technological innovation.

An automated cleaning system on the eviscerator adds to efficiency, ensures better and more consistent cleaning but also tackles the issue of extensive labour shortages.

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