Nozzles and pipes

When you’re cleaning in the food and beverage industry, the process must be optimum to ensure a high level of hygiene and food safety. One crucial aspect of this process is selecting the appropriate nozzle for each cleaning task. Failure to use a nozzle can lead to excessive water usage, coupling damage, and reduced efficiency.

When choosing nozzles for the various cleaning jobs, you must take into consideration the water pressure, water flow rate, number of users on the water supply, applications and, to some degree, individual preferences. 

Nozzle for rinsing
Nozzles for cleaning

How to select the proper nozzle

The combination of spray angle and water flow rate determines the impact of the water jet on the surface. The narrower the angle is at a specific flow rate, the higher impact the water jet has. On the other hand, a narrow angle also means smaller impact area. Therefore, understanding the type of residue to be removed is critical when choosing the nozzle. For instance, cleaning tenacious soil or large residue chunks requires higher water jet impact than removing dust from the floor. Thus, the nozzle should have a narrow spray angle.

We offer a variety of nozzles, including special nozzles, with different spray angles, flow rates, and applications to suit your cleaning needs. 

Rinse nozzles

Rinse nozzles

Our standard rinse nozzles range from flat jet (0°) to 25° with flow rates ranging from 15 to 70 litres. Non-standard nozzles are also available on request. The rinse nozzles are colour-coded according to the flow rate.

The rinse nozzles are available in stainless steel and brass.

Foam and disinfectant nozzles

Foam and disinfectant nozzles

For foam application, the standard spray angle is 50°-65° with a flow rate of 100 to 200 litres. Available in stainless steel and brass.

For application of disinfectant, the standard angle is 40°-65° with the flow rate ranging from 10-30 litres. These are available in PVDF (standard) and stainless steel.



We offer a range of ergonomic rinse pipes in a variety of lengths, spray angles and flow rates, and with side-handle, 80° bend or elbow.

Also foam and disinfection pipes are available in a range of different lengths, spray angles and flow rates.

Special nozzles

Special nozzles

Certain cleaning tasks require a special nozzle with special functions to cope with the soil.

We offer high impact oscillating nozzles for automated and manual cleaning, as well as turbo nozzles and foam nozzles with extra throw for manual cleaning. 

Rotating nozzles

Rotating nozzles

Rotating nozzles are very effective for a wide range of automated cleaning applications, such as tank cleaning and for cleaning larger areas.

We offer a variety of rotating nozzles, including fluid-driven, gear-driven, and mini spinners. 

Foam booster

Foam booster

Make foam without compressed air with our foam booster.

Only applicable on tap water pressure equipment (3-8 bar).

Disinfection nozzle
Foam nozzle
Cleaning drainage piping

We are always ready to assist you in finding the correct nozzle for your cleaning operations. The nozzles you see on this page are part of our standard range. 

If you require a nozzle with different specifications and capabilities, we’re here to help!

Low-pressure cleaning with boosted water offers a range of benefits

Cleaning time

Significant reduction in cleaning time

Reduced water

Reduced water and chemical consumption

Less wear

Less wear on processing equipment and affected surfaces

Improved work

Improved work environment

Low maintenance

Low maintenance and service requirements

Better heat

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