Automated cleaning of poultry line: shackles, hooks and carriers

Manual cleaning of poultry line shackles, hooks and carriers is a difficult and time-consuming task. Organic soil from the carcasses gets into every recess on the equipment, and if it is not cleaned and disinfected properly and regularly, it will result in the growth of pathogens and increase the risk of contamination.

We have developed an automatic solution that reduces not only the cleaning time but also effectively removes these residues: Nozzle bars are strategically placed to cover every surface on the shackle, hook or carrier line as it passes by. The spray angles can be adjusted to reach the ‘dark spots’. A controller controls the various tasks of the cleaning program ensuring a consistent cleaning result and a high level of food safety and hygiene.

Poultry carrier cleaning
Poultry Shackle Cleaning

Benefits of integrating automatic cleaning on poultry line shackles, hooks and carriers:

  • Significant reduction in cleaning time - more production time
  • Effective and consistent cleaning result
  • A high level of food safety and hygiene
  • Reduction in staff requirements

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