Automatic cleaning
of spiral freezer

Spiral freezer cleaning can be a time-consuming task due to the construction and the speed with which the belts move. Semi-automatic or manual cleaning requires a prolonged production shutdown at regular intervals and when switching between products. Regardless of the nature of the product being frozen, whether or not it is packed prior to freezing, there will always be a build-up of residues such as yeast, mold etc. that has to be removed before levels turn critical.


Integrating our automatic cleaning solution for spiral freezers offers a range of benefits:

  • Significant reduction in cleaning time – extending production time
  • Improvement in hygiene and food safety levels
  • Consistency in product quality – no contamination
  • Significant reduction in water usage
  • Reduced labour costs
  • Higher safety levels
  • High degree of flexibility

Our cleaning solution is customised to match the individual freezer and the cleaning process is segmented such as to avoid any recontamination of already cleaned surfaces 


With a fully automated solution, as this one, the cleaning time is reduced very significantly, and hygiene and food safety levels are highly improved.

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Spiral freezer tiers
Spiral freezer cleaning - rotating nozzle
Automated cleaning of spiral freezer conveyor belts
Spiral freezer tiers