Combined work and supply stations

Automatic main station - AM/AMM

Automated open plant cleaning offers numerous benefits in terms of optimizing the efficiency of your cleaning cycles, the level of food safety and hygiene and the operational cost associated with cleaning your processing equipment.

Maximum flow for our automatic main stations is 300 l/min and maximum number of segments is 18. Find the one matching your requirements here.

AM/AMM image


Manual main stations MS

With our manual open plant cleaning units, you have a wide range of possibilities to customize your solution to match the requirements of your food or beverage processing plant.

Maximum flow for the manual main stations is 210 l/min, maximum 25 bar and up to 7 users/workstations.

MS image


Mobile main station Voyager

Open plant cleaning with our mobile main station Voyager offers a high degree of flexibility in terms of coverage.

Maximum flow for Voyager is 40 l/min, maximum 25 bar and for 1 user.

Voyager image