Hose reels and hose holders

When selecting hose reels for the food and beverage industry, it's crucial to consider their ease of handling and operation, as well as their ability to withstand the production environment without compromising food safety. Hose reels not only contribute to workplace safety but also increase efficiency by reducing tripping hazards, preventing damage to hoses, and facilitating quick and easy retraction and storage after use.

Overall, hose reels are critical for maintaining a safe, organized, and efficient work environment.

Our entire range of hygienically designed hose reels and holders is constructed to meet the demands of cleaning in the food and beverage processing industry, ensuring durability and reliability for prolonged use.

Automatic hose reel
Automatic hose reel

Automatic hose reels

Automatic rewinding of the hose ensures easy handling. A quick tug at the hose and the locking device is released. The benefits to this solution are:

  • Saving time: Fast retraction, less handling time.
  • Better workplace health and safety: Eliminates the repetitive task of retracting manually.
  • Minimizing food safety hazards: Placing the hose reel high reduces the risk of food safety issues stemming from soil clinging to the hose.

Our automatic hose reels are spring driven equipped with one or two springs in highly durable spring steel. The reel bearing is maintenance free, slide bearings are chemical resistant and resistant to moisture and dirt. The hose can be stopped at max. 8 positions per rotation. All the reels are in stainless steel or polished stainless steel for maximum corrosion resistance.

Manual hose reels

As with the automatic hose reel, our manual hose reels also has the right properties for cleaning in the food and beverage industry: Stainless steel, hygienic design and robustness. The reel bearing is maintenance free; slide bearings are chemical resistant, and both are resistant to moisture and dirt. A mechanical brake integrated in the bearing permits a fine setting of the drum braking through to a complete stop.

A connected pipe elbow welded onto the axle ensures easy hose retraction without bending the hose unnecessarily. To ensure comfortable operation, the crank handle is covered with polyamide.

Manual hose reel

We have manual and automatic hose reels as well as hose holders for a variety of hose lengths and sizes.

All are in stainless steel for hygienic application in the food and beverage industry.

Low-pressure cleaning with boosted water offers a range of benefits

Cleaning time

Significant reduction in cleaning time

Reduced water

Reduced water and chemical consumption

Less wear

Less wear on processing equipment and affected surfaces

Improved work

Improved work environment

Low maintenance

Low maintenance and service requirements

Better heat

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