Compressor (Only on older units)

Oil level

The oil level must always be visible in the oil level glass.

This only applies to older units. New units use oil-free compressors.

Max. level is at the middle of the glass. An oil level that exceeds maximum results in higher oil consumption.

The safety valve is set and sealed at the factory at the highest permissible pressure. The pre-set pressure must not be changed.

If the safety valve has been opened, either through manual testing or in the event of excess pressure, the compressor must be stopped in order to close the safety valve again.
The pump head and valve must be removed and cleaned from  internal carbon deposits every 1000 hours (at least once a year). New valves and head gaskets must be installed.

Service intervals

Check oil level Weekly
Oil change* 300 hours
Replace valve 1000 hours
Suction filter** 1000 hours
Complete overhaul 4000 hours
* During the commissioning phase, the oil must be changed after the first 30 hours.
** Foam rubber filters can be cleaned in detergent water - rinse afterwards with clean water.


Lubricating oil table

Recommended oil for compressor. The warranty will be void if incorrect oil used.

Brand Type
BP Energol RC 68
Castrol Aircol PD 68
Chevron EP Industrial Oil 68
Statoil Compressor Oil 68
Gulf Compressor Oil 68
Elf Elf Dacnis P 68
Mobil Rarus 425
Shell Corena Oil P 68
Texaco Compressor Oil HF 68
Nynäs Misola H 68 Kompressorolja 35
OK Compressor Oil HF 68
Q8 Q8 Schubert 68
Total quantity of oil 0.12 l.
Quantity of oil in l. between min./max.: 0.025 l.
The reciprocating piston compressor's max. oil consumption must be 0.02-0.1 g/m3 emitted air. The oil consumption can vary, however, depending on the operating conditions (the specific gravity of the compressor oil is approx. 880 g/l.).