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At Danish Crown in Svenstrup, automatic cleaning of smoking ovens halved the chemical consumption and cleaning time

Automatic cleaning of smoking ovens halved the chemical consumption and cleaning time

At Danish Crown in Svenstrup, a new System Cleaners solution ensures a better working environment, less chemical consumption and better cleaning of 13 smoking ovens.

In the autumn of 2015, Danish Crown in Svenstrup was facing a challenge with 13 smoking ovens. The pumps in the cleaning system were becoming worn and the use of chemicals was far from optimal. “The solution was a System Cleaners installation, in which one central pump with a pipe system and automatic operation replaces 13 old pumps with manual mixing of chemicals and water,” says Peter Erik Møller, head of cleaning at Danish Crown Svenstrup. With the new solution, the result was positive on several fronts. “Before, we mixed water and chemicals in an open tub, whereby we manually added the chemicals. We now no longer do this and are improving the working environment considerably,” says Peter Erik Møller.

Less chemicals – better cleaning

In addition to the work involved, the use of chemicals for cleaning the smoking ovens has halved.

“This is because the chemicals are mixed with both air and water and at the same time the chemicals are distributed better in the oven as it operates with a different pressure. The new method also makes it possible to operate in several partial processes in which chemical are added, rinsed off and the process repeated 3-4 times during the course of cleaning,” says Peter Erik Møller.

The installation is equipped with a manual valve system, which has to be activated to start the cleaning.

“We have not opted for a fully automatic system as we wanted to be entirely certain that we do NOT start the cleaning of an oven when there are products in it,” explains Peter Erik Møller.


Many years of collaboration with System Cleaners

Danish Crown in Svenstrup has used System Cleaners as its supplier of cleaning solutions for more than 20 years.

"Over the years it has been shown that System Cleaners produces very reliable solutions and also equipment which we can maintain ourselves,” says Peter Erik Møller, who rarely sees visits by service technicians.

“When we clean, we are under a certain amount of pressure. We have to be ready for production to start again, so it is a great advantage that we ourselves can change packs, for example, and receive support by telephone if necessary,” Peter Erik Møller emphasises.

Should there be a breakdown and service be required he also has some praising words.

“System Cleaners is very service-minded and we know that they always have wearing and replacement parts of the right quality which can be delivered in a few hours or collected directly at the factory,” stresses Peter Erik Møller.

Peter Erik Møller, Head of cleaning at Danish Crown

Facts about Danish Crown Svenstrup:

Danish Crown in Svenstrup produces salami and pepperoni as well as wiener sausages, with around 250 employees and 56,000 m2 under its roof.

The factory has chosen to be in charge of its own cleaning as the individual cleaners can focus on hygiene and feel linked to the business, which is an important part of quality assurance.

Smoking oven at Danish Crown, Svenstrup

Modernisation and automation with System Cleaners’ automatic main station


At the 56,000 m2 processing plant in Svenstrup, Danish Crown produces sausages and for the last 20 years has used System Cleaners cleaning solutions.

In the autumn of 2015, there was a need for simpler cleaning of smoke flues in 13 smoking ovens, which are cleaned every 6 weeks. Prior to the new installation, chemicals were mixed manually in large tubs whereby an employee personally filled chemicals into the tub and carried out cleaning manually.

The aim was to create an installation that, with a high degree of automation, could increase safety of the personnel, provide better cleaning and reduce the use of chemicals.

It was particularly important for the system to keep channels, dampers and drains free of soot and tar that could otherwise end up on the products. 

Safety hoses for the various segments - connects the mainstation and the smoking oven. Danish Crown, Svenstrup


The new solution has a centrally located, automatic mixing station, which mixes water and chemical components. The installation is set up so that with just one station it is possible to clean all 13 smoking ovens from the central unit.

The chemicals are placed centrally in the installation without risk of contact during personnel utilisation.

The use of chemicals has halved compared with before. This is good both economically and environmentally. At the same time far fewer man-hours are connected with cleaning.

Cleaning takes place with fixed-mounted jets in the smoke channels, which assure more uniform cleaning.


Facts about the solution:

  • Automatic main station with manual satellite
  • Individual consumption setting (chemicals, water and time)

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