Lerøy Aurora Salmon

With a new System Cleaners solution, Lerøy Aurora Salmon has optimised and adapted cleaning to match a very tight production plan.

At the Norwegian company Lerøy Aurora Salmon 300 tonnes of salmon are processed every day and at times peak season production only stops for 2.5 hours in a 24-hour period.

This provided a great challenge for the cleaning team, which used a purely manual system and therefore had difficulty in carrying out the task in the earmarked time. - The solution was to automate part of the cleaning and set up a central System Cleaners installation, says Peter Jessen, director at System Cleaners. Specifically this translated into a central installation combined with 31 remote-controlled satellites and automatic cleaning of the conveyor belts.

Remote-controlled satellites improve hygiene

A standard solution will normally comprise one satellite in the premises, which requires connection to hot, and cold water, 3 chemical connections and compressed air, thus 6 pipes down from the wall.

- On the face of it this is not an optimum, hygienic solution. By moving the individual satellite to a machinery floor and providing the cleaner with a remote control, we now have just one pipeline down into the production plant to the hose reels, explains Peter Jessen.

The additional costs of the remote-controlled solution paid for themselves through savings in the cost of pipes and installations, and each individual remote control is dedicated to one satellite.

- With the remote control, the cleaner can control the functions and select whether to rinse, foam, disinfect, have hot or cold water or close the system down, says Peter Jessen.

Remote control prevents unauthorised persons using the system and, for example, an accident releasing chemicals into the production premises.

Hose reel in the production area

Time and chemicals saved with automatic cleaning

An essential element in the solution for Lerøy Aurora Salmon was the installation of automatic cleaning of the conveyor belts.

- When production stops, automatic cleaning is activated. Here the fixed nozzles ensure homogenous cleaning with shorter cleaning times, is how Peter Jessen assesses it.

At the same time the automatic cleaning releases manpower, which can be used elsewhere, and, as a bonus, water and chemical consumption, is reduced.

- And most important of all a high level of hygiene can be assured, even though time is short in busy periods, underlines Peter Jessen.

This solution for Lerøy Aurora Salmon was implemented in collaboration with our Norwegian cooperation partner Lilleborg.

Installation above the production area

Cleaning is no longer a bottleneck



Lerøy Aurora Salmon produces approximately 300 tonnes of salmon per day, with removal of the innards and a filleting line.

The production lines are started at 03:30 and production runs continuously until 23:00. However, it often happens that production goes on right up to 01:00. This allows just 2 hours and 30 minutes for cleaning.

The system the customer wanted to have replaced was an older high-pressure system, which could supply a maximum of 3 users at the same time - and in the case of foam output up to 7 users.

The great challenge posed by this short period of 2.5 hours was that it did not leave enough time for optimum cleaning. It was absolutely imperative to have the cleaning system upgraded to a higher capacity. 

When production stops, automatic cleaning is activated. Here the fixed nozzles ensure homogenous cleaning with shorter cleaning times, is how Peter Jessen assesses it


The solution implemented at Lerøy Aurora Salmon is a System Cleaners combined solution for both automatic and manual cleaning.

Cleaning of the conveyor belts was automated with fixed nozzle systems. This freed up man-hours and resulted in optimum cleaning as well as savings in terms of chemicals and water consumption.

Additionally, 31 satellites were installed which by being placed on the machinery floor were moved away from the production premises, this being made possible through remote control of the cleaning functions. The benefits were a reduction in the number of pipes from 6 to 1 and greater security against unauthorised persons unintentionally dispersing chemicals in the production premises.

Seen overall, the advantages for the customer are that the 9 employees in the cleaning team can carry out the required cleaning tasks simultaneously - even if the automatic cleaning system is in operation.

At the same time, safety is increased and energy costs as well as chemicals consumption are considerably reduced.

This solution was implemented in collaboration with our Norwegian cooperation partner Lilleborg

Facts about the solution

  • 1 x nVBS 25-60 (Cold water)

  • 1 x nVBS 25-40 (Temperature 50°C)

  • 2 x KPV 150 (Foam and primary disinfection)

  • 1 x CP7 (Secondary disinfection)

  • 31 x Hose Drum Complete Nedermann hose drum with 25 m hose and nozzles

  • 31 x Special Unit Special satellite with the function name VV KV PF PD PD Remote*

  • 6 x AS-200PF PD Automatic satellite with premixed option for foam and primary disinfection

  • 1 x AOPC System 54 zones / conveyors

Facts about Lilleborg

Lilleborg Profesjonell is part of the company Lilleborg, which employs 650 people.

Apart from being a professional supplier of chemicals, the company also supplies the customer with the best technical equipment to meet the current demands.

Read more on the website: www.lilleborg.no

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