Reduced cleaning time and improved hygiene were the motives for the integration of a System Cleaners solution

In the rural parts of southern Denmark, you can find the small, co-operative dairy NATURMÆLK, located amid wild nature, forests and fields. Only organic and biodynamic dairy products are produced here: milk, cheese, butter and cream among others.

The dairy places great emphasis on sustainability, biodiversity, animal welfare and a purely organic thinking as well as producing high-quality and, more importantly, NATURAL products with as few additives as possible. The philosophy is that ‘We haven’t inherited the Earth from our fathers but borrowed it from our children’ (Native-American proverb).

NATURMÆLK processes 40 million liter milk every year supplied by local, organic farmers. The products are sold in one of the largest supermarket chains in Denmark as well as in their own shop on-site. Additionally, they supply to a wide range of wholesalers and to the catering industry. The flexibility of the dairy is one of the key drivers of their business.

Approximately 100 people are employed in the dairy, which is located in old, refurbished 19th century farm buildings with all the nooks and crannies that are an integral part of the place, but also lends a cozy atmosphere to it.

Klaus Ehnstedt is Production Manager at NATURMÆLK and has been employed at the dairy for more than 10 years: “In an old dairy like ours there are a lot of corners and not easily accessible spots, and it is extremely important that we have the necessary equipment to be able to maintain a high level of hygiene in general, but also in these problematic areas.”

Production Manager at Naturmælk, Klaus Ehnstedt

To that end, NATURMÆLK chose to integrate a manual System Cleaners open plant cleaning solution 5 years ago. Prior to this, they used a locally manufactured solution that worked fine, but the cleaning was very time-consuming and no longer sufficient. With the surge in and demand of organic dairy products, the need for increased production time meant that it was necessary to get a more effective and extensive cleaning solution to reduce the time needed for cleaning and sanitation.

“We were on the lookout for a new chemical supplier, and when we received an offer in which System Cleaners equipment was part of the package, we didn’t hesitate,” Klaus Ehnstedt states. “Now we can really get into the corners and optimise our production in terms of hygiene and minimise our cleaning time,” he continues.

The cleaning solution at NATURMÆLK consists of a main station MS7 supplying boosted water and detergents to seven S2 satellites located in strategic places to cover the processing areas. Additionally, they have installed four Doorway Sanitizers (DWS) at entryways and in between production zones to prevent cross-contamination. 

“The cleaning solution is working without any problems. We have no hassle with the equipment whatsoever,” says Klaus Ehnstedt, stating that he would recommend System Cleaners open plant cleaning solutions to other companies anytime.


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