Pineland Farms Natural Meats

Investing in automated and manual solutions reduced cleaning times and lowered water consumption.

Pineland Farms Natural Meats is a meat processor based in rural Maine, US, dedicated to supplying superior quality meat cuts for the retail and foodservice industries.


Through their partnership with around 150 carefully selected GAP-certified farms , Pineland offers 100% natural beef: No antibiotics, no added growth hormones, and a continuous focus on animal welfare. 

Being 100% natural and USDA graded Prime & Choice, they cater to a growing number of people looking for a healthy and tasty source of protein through both fresh and frozen offerings.

State-of-the-art CAP facility

In 2023, they integrated a new production line at their meat cutting and packaging production facility. With top-of-the-line processing equipment, the need for a first-class cleaning solution was obvious. The objective was to reduce cleaning time and water consumption to extend uptime and lower costs. 

Sr Vice President of Operations & Business Development Chris Williams says,


“A close business partner of ours recommended that we contacted System Cleaners to investigate the possibility of installing automated cleaning. Being a leading supplier of open plant cleaning systems, they skilfully designed the optimal solution for us and made sure that the system matched our needs.”

The final installation was comprised of automated systems for the conveyor belts operated by an automatic satellite and controller, and a decentral, manual solution with S3 satellites for the remaining processing area and equipment. A booster station supplies all systems with 20 bar boosted water, optimal for surface cleaning in the food industry due to the capabilities of the water jet.

“The use of low-pressure technology with boosted water has proved to be a very good idea. We’ve experienced reduced cleaning times as well as lowered our water consumption. The cleaning systems are a huge upgrade from the traditional systems of the past, and I’m thrilled that we chose System Cleaners as our supplier”, Chris Williams states.

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