Liability and copyright

Drawings, descriptions and guidance found on our website have been prepared by System Cleaners A/S. We make these available free of charge to our customers and collaboration partners. By providing access to various materials, System Cleaners A/S would like to contribute to greater understanding regarding the use and sale of our products.

The aforementioned drawings, descriptions and guidance may not be posted on other websites without prior written consent from System Cleaners A/S. Likewise, the details may not be used directly or indirectly by other dealers in sales materials, brochures, marketing or product documentation for cleaning equipment.

We accept no liability for any typographical errors or missing updates.

System Cleaners A/S accepts no liability for use of the equipment itself. System Cleaners A/S is the sole equipment supplier and you are always referred to the applicable terms and conditions of sale and delivery.

System Cleaners A/S is the holder of the right of ownership and copyright.