Apply to: Satellites, main stations, chemical pump stations and Voyager

Inconsistent foam quality

Go through the checklist below to identify the source of the problem you are experiencing. If the problem persists, we recommend that you notify the hygiene manager or plant manager to get technical assistance for the equipment.

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1. Make sure you are using the correct chemical

2. Check if the air supply is switched on

On Voyager and MSC1/MSC1-10, the compressor should start automatically.

3. Check that the air supply is between 4 and 5 bar

An incorrect air pressure can cause the outlet jet to sputter. Increase the air pressure by turning the knob on the air pressure regulator clockwise and decrease the air pressure by turning it counterclockwise.

4. Check the outlet hose for damages.

If it is, replace it.

5. Check that the correct foam nozzle is used
6. Check the foam nozzle for damages

Replace it if necessary. 

7. Make sure that the outlet hose is a ½”, minimum 10 meter and maximum 35 meter