Apply to: Satellites, main stations, chemical pump stations and Voyager

No suction of chemicals*

Go through the checklist below to identify the source of the problem you are experiencing. If the problem persists, we recommend that you notify the hygiene manager or plant manager to get technical assistance for the equipment.

*Always consult your chemical supplier before making any adjustments of the concentration, or if you are unsure of the correct concentration. Application of chemicals with an incorrect concentration will impact their efficiency, and the surfaces will not be properly sanitized.

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1. Make sure that the function selector is in the correct position


2. Check that you are using the correct chemical


3. Check if the dosing valve is adjusted correctly

If not, and if you know the correct settings, adjust the dosing valve. If you don’t know the correct settings, please notify the hygiene manager or similar for guidance. It’s important that you do not adjust the dosing as the chemical concentration is prescribed by the chemical supplier.


 4. Check if the suction filter at the end of the suction hose is clogged

If yes, clean or replace the suction filter.


5. Check for water leaking from the suction hose

If this is the case, the non-return valve is malfunctioning. Get technical assistance.

6. Check that the hole in the foam/disinfection nozzle is not blocked by chemical residues

If this is the case, get technical assistance.