Mounting instructions

For main station, pump station and automatic satellite

When mounting your new main station, pump station or automatic satellite, we recommend that you obtain a System Cleaners Lifting Bracket to ensure safety and avoid the risk of lifting accidents. The bracket has three sockets of different sizes, enabling it to fit onto a range of equipment: AM/AMM, MS, PS and AS/ASM.*

*Note that the lifting bracket is not applicable for MS(C)1-10, CP and AMM50-10.

Please follow the instructions below.

Start by drilling holes and mounting the wall bracket (bracket included along with screws and rawlplugs).

IMPORTANT: When fixing the equipment to the wall or floor rack, ALWAYS remember to install the safety screw at the bottom of the cabinet into the wall (1) or floor rack (2).

Your new System Cleaners unit is shipped laying on a pallet. To mount it on a wall bracket or floor rack, we recommend using System Cleaners Lifting Bracket (Item no. 96-010500). The lifting bracket fits the in-/outlet pipes.

Remove the pins and the crossbar and mount the correct size sockets on the outlets. 

Place the crossbar in the correct position by sliding it through the square holes. Make sure both pins are properly fixed.

Use the lifting bracket to raise the unit from horisontal to upright position.

Once in the upright position a forklift can be used for the final steps of the installation.

System Cleaners Lifting Bracket item no. 96-010500

Connections: 1" BSP, 1¼" BSP, 1½" BSP
Applicable for: AM/AMM, MS, PS and AS/ASM*
WLL: 200 kg

*Exceptions: MS(C)1-10, CP and AMM50-10.