Troubleshooting for technical staff

Only qualified service technicians or technical staff should perform repairs and maintenance on the cleaning equipment. Please contact your equipment supplier, service technician or System Cleaners’ service team if you encounter any problems that cannot be solved by following the guides here or on our TrainingTube® platform. 

Please note that modifications and repairs carried out by personnel not having received the proper training in servicing SC equipment, renders the warranty on the equipment void.

We strongly recommend only using original System Cleaners spare parts as they are optimized and carefully selected to ensure smooth operation of the cleaning system.

Using unoriginal spare parts classifies as a modification. 

Service agreements
To ensure that your cleaning system is always performing at its best, or that you get professional assistance quickly in the event of problems, we offer service agreements in selected countries. The service is carried out by a System Cleaners service technician or a trained service partner.

Additional discounts and priority advantage are also given to service agreement holders. Taking out a service agreement on new equipment offers an extension of the warranty from 2 to 5 years.

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Incorrect chemical concentration/
No chemical suction

Apply to: Satellites, main stations, chemical pump stations and Voyager

Inconsistent foam quality


Apply to: Satellites, main stations, Voyager, chemical pump stations

No or unstable chemical flow at outlet

Apply to: Chemical pump stations

No or too low rinse pressure


Apply to: Satellites, main stations, Voyager, all booster stations